Green thumbs

at Haller
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Deeply rooted to nature, because right behind our house is not only our vineyard, but also our fruit and vegetable garden.

The planting in spring we arrange together. Digging around and planting new trees, bringing the tomato house in shape is part of it to prepare the garden for the summer.

We take care of the garden of our daddy Hans, who is a farmer and winegrower. He takes care of the 1 hectare vineyard and the 0,5 hectare of green around our house.

Mostly vegetables are grown, but also many aromatic herbs, salads and herbal salads. The variety prevails here! 😊

We try out old varieties and try to raise the plants from seed.  

We also discover fruit trees around the house, cherry, apricot peaches or even figs thrive very well along the dry stone walls around the Haller vineyard.

The kitchen crew helps in the garden when time permits and collects the harvest. This strengthens team dynamics, proximity to the product and nature. 

Levin is also out and about in the woods - foraging - to collect herbs, sprouts and mushrooms. 

In addition, a walk in the countryside stimulates the creative cells for planning new dishes.