Terroir & Architecture

How do you build a hotel in the middle of the vineyard? Easily… you just need to integrate it as much possible in the surroundings.
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According to the principle ‘little makes free and room for the really important things in life', the reconstruction of the Gasthof Haller started in 2018. In May 2019 the ‘Haller Suites & Restaurant’ reopened.

The conversion mainly focused on the new construction of the hayrick, which was restored with 18 suites. The new building consists of three floors, which are integrated like terraces in the vineyard. Dry stone walls and terraces are part of the landscape, as is the larch wood, which naturally weathers and thus de, clings to the environment.


"In addition to the cordiality of the host family, the architecture should contribute to make experiences with this place and atmosphere. The entire design builds on the continuation of the embracement - like the vineyards around the building.

The terracing of the new building and the green timber construction is seen as a symbolic continuation of the vines - for the connection between the old and the new.

Almost like a roof over the architectural landscape. "

Arch. Wolfgang Meraner