What a sixpack!

Here for you

From the farm of the grandparents to the guesthouse of the parents and since May 2019 in 3rd generation. Teresa, together with her boyfriend Levin and brother Simon, give Kranebitt Hills a breath of fresh air and a new lease of life. The combination of parents' experience and the energy of the youth brings the Haller into a new era. Welcome wine lovers from all over the world!

We, the Hallers...

'Growing up at the Haller has shaped me a lot and given me countless special moments.
So that, I want to create many such moments for our guests.'

'Pampering our guest with little things - fills me with joy.'

'For me, the Haller means constancy, where I have the opportunity to realize and contribute with my modernity and diversity.' 

Work in a vineyard

  • We are looking for kind, enterprising people who love life, especially for the ones interested in the life of a vineyard.
  • We would like to meet motivated employees willing to work in our suites and restaurant, both full and part time.
  • We are a vibrant team, young at heart, we live, work and play hard with commitment.
  • We do not ask you for a degree in oenology, the important thing is that you know the difference between a Kerner and a Lagrein.
  • Sounds good?