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beetroot. fermented plum. feather cabbage. spruce sprouts
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Ingredients for 4 people:


4 Beetroots

10 g caraway seeds

10 g fennel seeds


Fermented plums:

300g plums

30 g salt

Spruce sprouts oil:

300 g spruce shoots collected in the forest

450 g seed oil

Feather cabbage:

300 g feather cabbage

300 ml seed oil for frying

Preparation of beet:

Boil the beet in a pot together with the spices for about 4 hours and then peel it. We dry the sections and mix them into a dust, which we use for decorating.

Preparation of spruce oil:

For the spruce oil we collect spruce shoots ( May to July) then the fresh green shoots with juicy resin taste are best.

Now mix the spruce shoots together with the seed oil in a high-powered blender for 12 minutes. Then the green oil is strained through a cloth and bottled.

Preparation fermented plums:

We first pit the plums, then mix them with the salt.

Leave to ferment in an airtight container for 5-7 days at 28°C - 21°C.

Now mix the plums with their own juice from the fermenting vessel and bottle.

This plum marinade is preserved by fermentation and can be used for up to 3 months.

Levin says: 'The art of fermentation is a long learning process, and only works when the right environment and interplay between temperature and air exchange works'.

Spring cabbage:

Seed Oil in a pot with a lid heat to 170°C.

Tear the cabbage into small pieces, removing the stalk.

Now fry the cabbage in the hot oil, being careful to work very carefully, and as soon as the leaves are in the pot immediately put the lid on it, it splashes!

The cabbage is fried for 90 seconds, then drain on paper towels.

Finishing & dressing:

When arranging the beet, you can be creative; and form a rose out of the slices, or simply arrange it as a carpaccio. Pour the plums as a marinade over the beet. Spread the fried feathered cabbage on top. Finish with the spruce shoot oil.

Teresa recommends the Sylvaner from their own vineyards, bottled by Manni Nössing.

It can also be a fresh, mineral Riesling, which harmonizes well with the plums with its lively acidity.