A New Year's messenge

Bressanone on Monday 10.01.2022

Dear ones,


It is the December 31st when I start to write this New Year's greeting. Not only for the sake of the muse, but also because I want to use the energy of this year to inspire the New Year's messenger.

It may be the end of a tumultuous year, but yes, I still have energy - plenty of it.

Whether it's the sun that charges my "good mood" cells or the life and work at Haller that fulfills me,

my family and the strong team that surrounds me

the dear people who come to visit ...

suspiciously also the wine that grows right behind the house! 😉

Well, it's probably the mix of everything that gives me 365 days,

at any hour gives me energy.

Warming rays of sunshine equal the soothing words, shared laughter, honest conversations, uplifting advice, walks in the vineyard, flower greetings or a new book full of poems for our collection that reaches me by surprise.

 Therefore, I wish for you and for us that the new year may also be filled with many such moments.



The first week of this year is over!

Surely you have also slipped into the new year in a quieter and yet very special way.

Towards the end of the year movement moves in our Haller

and we are busy with organizing a wet and merry turn of the year for you.

For this reason our congratulations always come a bit late. But just at the right time, so that the fresh resolutions 2022 work on you.


2022 ...

Who knows what's coming?

So let's live in the here and now,

and provide for more freedom in the spirit,

lightness in the heart and a pinch of extravagance!

We look forward to seeing you again here in the vineyard!


Until then, we wish you a great start of the year and all the best for the new 2022!

Teresa & Levin, Simon, Michi & Hans

and the whole Håller family




We take you with us in our day,

on a tour of discovery in the vineyard, in the kitchen,

to Brixen or on a wine tasting!


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